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Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I found a post that one of the girls put up on my message board about and the Booksmart software. Yeah, I'm addicted. I am working on the first year for the twins, then a wedding/relationship one for josh and I, also I am doing one for each of the twins of all maddie and all john. I have this need to make sure that they know they are individuals outside of being twins. so many people just group them into "twins" and I love that but I also want them to know they are individuals. So I will be ordering my book's in a week or so, I chose the hardcover ones with the dust jacket. if they turn out well they might make good christmas gifts for the grand parents!!

We are starting to get ready to paint here pretty soon . We kept going back and fourth on ideas, ok I kept doing it, but Josh said I can't paint until I have stayed firm on an idea for at least 15 days lol he's worried about me making multiple trips to the Home Depot

So we were going to go away this weekend but our plans were fouled, no big deal, we have a sitter for the night (family) and we are going on a Hot date!! lol I'm so bad, actually we are going out to dinner, probably to Chilies or maybe pasta pasta, (our first valentines day date)Then we are going to see the new Indiana Jones movie, go to Barnes and Noble's for coffee and then go shopping for kitchen stuff, I need new kitchen stuff and I want new towels to match what I am painting the bathroom.

I feel like I've accomplished something today, Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy so I had to do something special for myself (yes I'm a dork spare me the lecture) So I made double chocolate peanut butter swirl brownies, not my recipe but I thought i'd give it a try (more on that in a min) and I made enchilada's pablono's with real Mole` YUM!! I can't wait. Babies go down around 7 and then I will take my shower and get the dinner in the oven after that and by that time Ugly Betty will be on, which I like but am kind of "eh" about, so I'll work on my books. Then dinner will be done and Parker and I can relax and watch as they leave us in a cliffhanger. BOOO I hate those, I wish they could just leave it be nicely and then start the next season out all crazy like. OR OR OR I wish they would not do seasons and have it year round.

The twin's are into exploring everything!! John says 'no" now, a lot, a whole lot. No this No that, and NO NO NO NO NO and then the head shaking like a mad man!! He's my little goof ball. Maddie is Growling, yes growling folks, she walks up to us and get in the face and "GRRRAAAA". They both fake cough as well. If I clear my throat they do a fake cough. To funny.

DH has a nice 4 day weekend and only works 2 days this wee anyways, so he will have ANOTHer 4 day next weekend. I love his job!!

So I meant to mention before, I have the new Martha Stewart Cookie Cookbook. I love the recipes BUt something is up, all the baking times seem to be wrong. Obviously I follow recipes very well, and today those brownies were to cook for 45 min, they were liquid at 45 min still, not just the center. It took 1 hour 28 min to get them done, and I just cut them and they could have baked longer ( still good though ) Now my oven is properly calibrated with an additional pyrometer so I know it's rite. All I can think is that those recipes are based on cooking in a convection oven which cooks totally different, but that doesn't make sense to me because how many normal people have 2500 dollar ovens in there house, if you do I am very Jealous and I want your oven!! So far I've had to adjust 11 recipes on the time alone and a few more with other problems, one in particular had nearly 3 cups of wet ingredients too 3/4 of a cup of dry and they wanted you to roll the dough??? that's not dough it's batter!! Something is up!!

Ok time to get jammies on!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Morning Smiles

So I haven't updated in a while, we've had dog issues, which I hope are getting better.

The twins are doing great!  THey love playing with their new dog.  I try and get them not to feed him from their trays, John does a great job at listening but Miss Maddie, well not so much, she's a silly one!  She has figured out how to slide the treat down by her leg and give it to him.  Parker is SO protective of them!  He is the best guard dog ever!  He's such a loverboy!

So last saturday they went to the farmers market for the first time this season, they had a great time!  We brought the pack and play and they played while Daddy and I worked.  Then on Sunday for mothers day we went to the new Su Casa in Fenville, there was a Mariachi Band and it  was busy busy but they had fun.  Needless to say they LOVE mexican food, but I did NOT love their diapers then  next day.  Ew.  Since they built the new building, they added a grocery store, an gelato shop (they serve good)  a night club up stairs and something else.  It's really neat, there is this HUGE mural on one whole wall, it's neat, Maddie liked pointing to it a lot.  The Gelato is so so so good.  Pallazollos is this gourmet Gelato and Sorbeto that is made in saugatuk, they have 600 flavors, no joke.  I had two scoops, one of Fresh Coconut and one of Naccilcilo (hazelnut) Josh had the Naccilcilo, mom had Dolce de Leche and Cleve had coffee and triple chocolate.  It was so good, oooh and the babies had mexican vanilla.  

Tomorrow is farmers market, really excited about that, the Babies love to go!

Josh bought a home welder today, he welds alot at work in the design studio and now he has it at home to make the garden art for the farm.  He taught me to weld, I was so rockstar!  he said I did awsome!  It was nice because the babies were in bed, and it was great bonding for the two of us.   He's such a great teacher, which is why he is a great husband and father.  I love him.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

These are from our visit to the farm on Sunday

PhotobucketMiss maddie
Photobucketmadaline using a dandalion as a pointer
johns i've done nothing wrong face Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, May 3, 2008

t's official now, Parker the Poodle is coming to live with the Fowlers. We are adopting a standard Poodle, He's 2 years old and the sweetest dog I've ever met. He has alot of energy, but doesnt jump or anything, just wants to go go go go a lot which is goo for the twins! He is so smart it's not funny. We went to meet him yesterday, I had given him a treat for going potty outside when I walked him and when I went to play with the ball he started nudging at the treat bag, so I put it in my pocket. Parker sits down and puts his paw on my pocket, Smart boy! When I was comfortable with him meeting the twins, he just gave a sniff and nudged their feet with his head and then came back over to me. He didn't jump bark our nip. He's great! I think he's been so bored at the shelter, thats why he gets so hyper, if poodles are not stimulated they get really really bored. So we signed all the contracts yesterday and we could have brought him home with us last night but we wanted to make sure the house was perfectly welcoming him, ie. i'm steaming the carpets so he can't detect that we had another dog ( we had a puppy two years ago who had severe behavioral problems and after 7 months of obidience school and no change we decided she wasn't safe with the twins) Now I scrubbed and 409ed every inch of the carpet she was on, but I want to steam the front room because we havn't tiled in there yet and I don't want Parker to smell her, it's not fair to him! So Monday is the day~plus i need to go to the pet store to get the whitening shampoo, dog food, bowls, color and leashes and some toys! So we are so exctied, he's a standard poodle so he's a good sized dog, he's white and looks like a Lamb! SOO Sweet! We are so excited, the twins say Dog over and over again and they really enjoy having the K-9 company!