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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Chicago trip

SO....Josh and I got to go away this weekend to chicago. We stayed with friends Justin and Mark. They both work at University of Chicago, Justin is an administrator and Mark is a Bio professor. They live in an amazing victorian that they are remodeling in Hydge Park, they live a few blocks from the Obama's. They neighborhood is awesome, so much pride and just good vibes. We had this amazing bread from a bakery called Medici's where the workers proudly sport shirts that says "Obama eats our bread"! Very cool!

So we took the train in on friday afternoon where mark greeted us at the platform with smiles and hugs, a quick walk to their house where we were welcomed with an amazing dinner. Justin grows and can's much of their food to ensure chemical free, we had homemade tomato soup which was divine, a great salad with pomigran. seeds, a cheesey noodle cassarole with sun dried tomato's that was beyond amazing, green beans and red wine, it was fantastic. There home has this wonderful classic dining room that is lovely. For desert Mark made this great citrus pound cake with strawberries and sauce, to die for. We sat around, which led to me playing the piano and some great conversation, around 11:30 we all headed to bed since we had an amazing day planned for saturday.

SO saturday started out with another amazing meal, Mark and josh walked to the bakery and bought some "obama bread" which we ate with Homemade Peach Butter, Pear Butter and tomato jam, yes tomato jam, Justin Lived in South Africa for a while and it's quite popular, would never know it's tomato, tastes like apple butter really. Along with that we had a dill and feta fritata, SO GOOD. Then we hopped on the Metra and went downtown to Marshall fields, we got some chocolates from Godiva and looked around a bit, but way to busy for our taste. We checked out a few other stores down on State and then we walked, yes we WALKED all the way up michigan to the mag mile to go to the Apple Store where mark and I had appointments with the Genius Bar folks. We went to a bunch of stores.

Josh and I had a seat in the entry to linens and things and Marshalls while Justin and Mark finished their shopping. This gentleman (I'm being nice) comes up to josh and ask's to shine his shoe's, we tell him no thanks and he's like oh come on and what not, now josh hates confrontation, so I tell the guy we're not interested, Well he just bends down and squirts stuff on josh's shoe's, then bends down and starts saying "don't kick me in the face..." and proceeds to do his shoes, about 45 seconds on each shoe, I mean they were covered in goop. Then I stand up and say 'josh we're leaving' and this guy starts saying it's eight dollars a shoe and he wants a tip, over and over again, Mark and Justin come up the elevator and are like telling us to go and the guy won't leave us alone and he starts yelling it at us over and over again then 3 of these other shoe shine guys come in and surround us and are saying "come on big guy pay up gotta feed the family'' I tell them we don't have any money, all josh has on him is 20's and 50's, so he pulls out a 20 and the guy grabs it and runs, I was so angry, I wish he would have let me handle it, I don't care about confrontation with people like that. Oh well

So then we went out for Persian food at Reza's, It was amazing, we all loved it! We did some more shopping, grabbed a cab and went back to the house, it was COLD!! Then we walked up to the Local bakery around 5ish bought some bread to take home with us. Then we went to a few local shops in Hyde Park, found an awesome free trade place! We found a small Italian deli that had Cannoli's and Teramisu, SO GOOD. I got cannoli's to take home and Mark bought 4 Teremisu's to take home for desert. So we went back the house for a rest and then we headed out for some Deep Dish Pizza at Edwardo's SO SO GOOD!! Then home for good times with friends.

We got up early this morning and caught the train back to SOuth Bend, about 3 min after we left 57th st the train broke down so we sat on the tracks for 2 hours untill the brought us another train, when we got into south bend it was 40 below zero with the wind, our car doors wouldn't close because it was so cold, crazy. it took us 2 hours to make a 40 mile drive, and it was the last 15 miles that took 1.5 hours.

We Got home around 4 to our amazing babies who had been with our parents! I missed them SO SO SO SO much but needed the break, it was FANTASTIC.

I'm going to go enjoy a cannoli


Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's here....

The cold of winter, and by 'Cold of winter' I do not mean the frost on the windows and seasonal chill that makes me long for fuzzy socks, no I am referring to the god awful infection that has settled in my lower resp. system. Oh god It's awful. It's not so much the runny nose or congestion, it's the massive feeling of pain with every breath. owe. Should have been actress ( I need an oscar for that bit of literary drama)

So Maddie is for sure coming down with a bit of a cold, but I think it's something other then what I have thank god~knocking on wood.

In all of my sickness we went to Target this morning for some much needed shopping. I picked the kids up each a long sleeved tee and also a sweatshirt and 2 pairs of jeans. I forgot what cute and reasonable priced toddler clothes target has!! While shopping I noticed a trend in toddler girl clothes that I don't like. I keep finding adult fashions for little girls, for instance, a wide WIDE low square neckline with giant rhinestones attached all around or maybe the satin v-neck cami and black cardigan set!!!??? It gets me a little because I want my Maddie to be wearing "little girl" clothes as long as possible!! Ok stepping of the soapbox.

We bought a new set of flatware seeing as ours have been vanishing as of late, Nothing fancy, but nice none the less.

OOHH and Maddie shoplifted!! LOL we were looking in the halloween sale aisle and she must of grabbed them, but we wound up with a set of fake eyelashes (the sparkle ones wink wink) that she had obviously tucked under her coat which was next to her in the cart. When we were loading up the car I noticed them and freaked out and ran and gave them to one of the cart boys who actually said, "if you got out of the store with them, you can keep them...." I just looked at him in awe and informed him that I had no use for sparkle fake lashes.

So thats our day!

I'm going to try and shop for christmas online~

Monday, November 17, 2008

Going through toys!

So this morning started off fairly well, we went to bed with no snow on the ground and woke up with 5 inches, the twins are baffled by this white stuff!

I decided to go through all their toys in the living room today sine they have SO many. We made a a game out of it and have moved about 70% of it out of the room, packed up and will go in their closet untill this spring for a sale. Some of the neater things that I know they won't play with at all we are donating. I explained the whole time we were going through things that we were going to give these to other little ones who would like some new toys. We sang carols and generally had a good time.

Last night my mom and I went out to target and Bought the kids some new winter coats and snow pants. Maddie is pink and purple with flowers and she has lavender snow pants. John got a navy, green, red and yellow plaid (tartan plaid really) jacket and Navy pants. I think he's fairly "dapper" in the outfit! We did some other shopping, I love targets groceries, amazing bargains!! We finished off our target trip to the Starbucks in the front of the store, they have this AMAZING salted caramel hot cocoa, I am thrilled with it, it's so so so so so so so so good. Then we made a nice trip over to Hunan Gardens and got chinese to take home. Lovely evening. By that time I had been up since 5 and it was nearing 10 so I was pretty tired (early work morning)

We are just getting into the holidays around here, I think I am driving everyone nuts because I am trilled with the holidays and just can't wait!

Have to run, maddie is pushing buttons!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayers and tears

A family of 4 may be a family of 3.

Saying it makes it feel real, which is not what I want, but I have to face facts.

I don't want to tell my family.

I don't want him to leave, but I think some things are out of my control

I need strength.

I feel like this isn't fair, I'm 25 and trying to make everything work.

I don't care about myself, I care for my two sweet innocent gifts of grace that I have been blessed with. For godsakes how do I fix this for them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maddie and the flower

This is 2 months old but I thought it was toooooo cute!

Again I am holding the camera to close to my face so I sound funny!


My mom took me to chicago yesterday for a few fun reasons. we had to take an order to the Chicago Botanical Garden, I got to the fresh floral arrangements for the shop this week, I was so thrilled!

After that we headed to Trader Joe's in wicker park. I am totally obsessed with Trader Joe's. The prices are rite, I love the selection, because they have everything, just not a huge selection, which is awesome because It takes to long other wise. Prices are just awesome though.

Everything (mostly everything) is Their own brand. For instance, our local store brand of Maple Brown sugar oatmeal is $3.99 at trader Joe's it was $2.29 for the same amount of packets. And I acutally liked their brand better, it tastes way better to me and it doesn't get jelly-ish. Nice and fluffy.

So I stocked up on some stuff and tried a few new things. They have Dolmas in a jar, which are stuffed grape leaves, stuffed with jasmine rice I do believe. They had a great Idea of chopping them up and then putting crumbled feta into it. Now I took it farther, made the dolma feta mix, then I took a pita put some humus on it and then put the mixture in side and made a fantastic pita pocket. I thought what the heck lets see if the babies like it, they were just thrilled with it!

They also had some thai peanut satte, which I cooked up with chicken and again the kids loved it.

I really want them to have a wide varitiy of tastes to explore.

So for new foods that we have tried in the last week we like

Stuffed grape leaves
Brie ( I checked with the Dr. First and it was fine)
Fig bars from TJ's
Chicken Satte
Thai Curry chicken
Babba Ganuj

We also went to Sam's wine and sprits and I picked up a couple bottles of ICe wine for Josh and I, we love it, it's really sweet and quite a treat. I also grabbed a bottle of pre made white russian mix. I like to make home made mudslides out of it, add some chocolate sauce and some ice cream and put it in the blender and away you go! It's actually really fun for parties! And the mix is fairly week and since I'm not a huge alcohol fan, but love mudslides, It's pretty good!

I am so excited for them, I am going to keep writing Trader Joe's on a daily basis to get them to put one near us, I am on a campaign~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

good swims and cute clothes

I found the most adorable dress on e-bay for maddie, it's from a small boutique in Nice, I adore it, she's so cute in it!

I got John a Hawaii style short and shirt set that is from Hawaii, I love e-bay. I buy a lot from the same women who has twins that are a little bit older then JAM, All of her things are clean and sent wrapped in tissue with ribbon and come from a smoke free home.

So the twins went out on my dad's boat last weekend, we had fun!! Maddie got in the water and went swimming with grandpa and she had a blast although I only caught the last part of her swim on video.

My mom brought the babies recorder flutes to play with over the weekend as well, that was pretty fun, they seem to enjoy them but I only let them have them when they are in their high chairs because I am afraid of them falling with them in their mouthes.

They were too cute playing the little flutes!!

You can see the green color we are painting our front room and you can kind of see our un finished front wood floor. I am so ready for it to be done but the twins have to be out of the house for 48 hours so we can urathane it. UGGH

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Blog

I've added a new blog for my wedding floral work.

Check it out, I'm still working on it!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Good lord we had a long sunday. Poor John had a breakdown at the grocery today. We walked in and he just started sobbing. we had no clue what was wrong just sobbing, we tried everything and nothing worked, he was inconsolable. So I carried him and pushed the cart, while josh tried to shop the list. we ended up just leaving. AND we spent way to much at the store because he was power shopping due to the apparent emergency with JOhn so we didn't shop smart. It's just we were in town at the store with the good prices and couldn't afford to do our shopping close to home, a trip to the "Good" Store may cost $85 and at home it's about $140. No joke.

We are switching to Voice over Internet this week, so we have a new number, woo hoO!! Not a big deal I guess.

So we had our 15 month well child check's this past friday, at 16 months, we got behind when they had Chicken Pox so....

Maddie is 31.5 inches
John is 32.5 inches

Maddie - 20 lbs
John is 25 lbs

We got the DTaP and the HEP A, is anyone else doing HEP A?? Our pedi said it's newly recomended by the Pediatricians Association board academy thing, and with all the imported foods coming in that it's a good idea, so we did it, I read about the research and it makes sense to me. Our HIB was delayed, has anyone else had their HIB delayed due to shortage??

They did their "Skill test" and they did AWESOME! We have been working on colors and numbers for the last few months. So our pedi was suprised when I asked Maddie to Bring me the Blue Cup and she did, John brought a red ball!! So far they know Red, Blue Green, yellow, Black and White and Maddie knows pink I think, or she just really likes it! They can also separate colors.

Also, while we get them dressed we always count, and they both can count to five, which I am so happy about.

We are also working on letters. I made Giant 8 by 10 flash cards with a big letter on one side and then I went around taking pictures of things that start with that letter, A, Apple, Arm, Arch, Altoid (a picture of the box and a mint next to it) ant and Aunt are on one page and I found a picture of an ant on the net and a Picture of their favorite aunt . So I put each set of letter cards on a little metal flip card holder ring thing, like from a binder, and every morning when I go get them up I introduce a new letter and then that day we do something with that letter, we are on I rite now, so they had ice cream today after their shots. It's just fun for now! I try to have at least 5 word cards for each letter.

SO all and all they are great, super impressed with their progressed, which makes me so happy because they were getting labeled as "preemies" for so long and now we are Finally past that.

OH OH OH and they aren't orange any more

Friday, June 13, 2008

OK so I am captain frustration....and Hence is my story!

Usually my Dear Darling Husband (Onward we shall call him DDH) works from 4 pm to 2:30 am, but has been switched to working 12-10:30 Which I enjoy because I get to see him a night more and he has regular sleeping hours. Well He only works 4 days a week (10 hour days) Well today, friday he has to work 6-11, no big deal he makes like 30 dollars an hour doing over time so i'm way cool with it!

So we were chatting about what to do this weekend, last evening and he informs me that he doesn't know when he will be home today, and I question why and he say's"I don't know what time I'll be home tomorow" and I ask well why and he says, "well I'm going out to Tinsleys (boss/friend) after work to hang out", yes I said to hang out!!

Ok I should clarify why this bothers me a bit, first of all, in our family we ask things we don't inform, just to be polite, he did infact inform me, ok ok thats fine whatever, BUT and as I always say there is always a BuT!! During the week, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, it's like he's not even here with the kids, and I don't really like it, but he works weird hours and just kind of does is thing, we work with it and I stay quiet because we get thee day weekends and have lots of fun, but come friday, I am tired and can really use some help around the house, so when he jsut up and informs me that he's doing his own thing, it just tweaks me the way way way wrong way, so I tried to him about it and he informs me, for the second time in the nigh, that fridays are his day and he does what he wants to do, to relax after a busy week!! This is so not like my DDH!!

I think what bugs me so much is not that he is going there, that doesn't bug me it's how it all came about. And even more that he doesn't realize that Maybe I want a day to do as I please and just go off, I don't get that, and I'm not say that he should not because I do not, I'm saying he should at least realize that maybe I want a break, maybe I want to go to a friends house. I don't know this is my alter ego captain frustration talking here. On the weekend we do everything as a family, and I cherish those times. They are what I have always wanted and I am so thankful for them.

So I am just sad and frustrated because I feel under appreciated

SO here is the poop adventure that happened to our sweet Captain Frustration

So this morning after little sleep, much tossing and turning, I wake up and here the babies babbling away, so I get up and go get them only to walk into lullaby land and find maddie pointing at john, I turn and peer into his to find......Poop! Yes ladies and Gent..Ladies......Poop everywhere, John had taken off his pants, off his onsie and off with the diaper and decided to finger paint with poop. all over the bed, the bumpers the wall. the sheets, himself, he through some on the lamp some on the window (he threw it across the room) Their room is a bug poopy mess!! Me being the germaphobe I am am freeking out because of e-coli or something and I need to go and disinfect and clean, but I have no one to watch the babies while I do it, and they can't be in the room because they are terrified of the steam machine, and I am going to use clorox to clean up the walls and what not, and I don't want them around the smell until the room airs out and gets the fumes out. Any other morning and I would have been like oh crap, and now I feel like a mess, just a crying sloppy mess, (I"m still wearing the tshirt I wore to bed and I think I just noticed poop on the sleeve)

I popped the twins in the tub and we got dressed and ready for the day. Just long long day so far.

SUch is LiFe sUcH iS lIfE SuCh Is LiFe

Captain Frustration, over and out......

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I found a post that one of the girls put up on my message board about and the Booksmart software. Yeah, I'm addicted. I am working on the first year for the twins, then a wedding/relationship one for josh and I, also I am doing one for each of the twins of all maddie and all john. I have this need to make sure that they know they are individuals outside of being twins. so many people just group them into "twins" and I love that but I also want them to know they are individuals. So I will be ordering my book's in a week or so, I chose the hardcover ones with the dust jacket. if they turn out well they might make good christmas gifts for the grand parents!!

We are starting to get ready to paint here pretty soon . We kept going back and fourth on ideas, ok I kept doing it, but Josh said I can't paint until I have stayed firm on an idea for at least 15 days lol he's worried about me making multiple trips to the Home Depot

So we were going to go away this weekend but our plans were fouled, no big deal, we have a sitter for the night (family) and we are going on a Hot date!! lol I'm so bad, actually we are going out to dinner, probably to Chilies or maybe pasta pasta, (our first valentines day date)Then we are going to see the new Indiana Jones movie, go to Barnes and Noble's for coffee and then go shopping for kitchen stuff, I need new kitchen stuff and I want new towels to match what I am painting the bathroom.

I feel like I've accomplished something today, Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy so I had to do something special for myself (yes I'm a dork spare me the lecture) So I made double chocolate peanut butter swirl brownies, not my recipe but I thought i'd give it a try (more on that in a min) and I made enchilada's pablono's with real Mole` YUM!! I can't wait. Babies go down around 7 and then I will take my shower and get the dinner in the oven after that and by that time Ugly Betty will be on, which I like but am kind of "eh" about, so I'll work on my books. Then dinner will be done and Parker and I can relax and watch as they leave us in a cliffhanger. BOOO I hate those, I wish they could just leave it be nicely and then start the next season out all crazy like. OR OR OR I wish they would not do seasons and have it year round.

The twin's are into exploring everything!! John says 'no" now, a lot, a whole lot. No this No that, and NO NO NO NO NO and then the head shaking like a mad man!! He's my little goof ball. Maddie is Growling, yes growling folks, she walks up to us and get in the face and "GRRRAAAA". They both fake cough as well. If I clear my throat they do a fake cough. To funny.

DH has a nice 4 day weekend and only works 2 days this wee anyways, so he will have ANOTHer 4 day next weekend. I love his job!!

So I meant to mention before, I have the new Martha Stewart Cookie Cookbook. I love the recipes BUt something is up, all the baking times seem to be wrong. Obviously I follow recipes very well, and today those brownies were to cook for 45 min, they were liquid at 45 min still, not just the center. It took 1 hour 28 min to get them done, and I just cut them and they could have baked longer ( still good though ) Now my oven is properly calibrated with an additional pyrometer so I know it's rite. All I can think is that those recipes are based on cooking in a convection oven which cooks totally different, but that doesn't make sense to me because how many normal people have 2500 dollar ovens in there house, if you do I am very Jealous and I want your oven!! So far I've had to adjust 11 recipes on the time alone and a few more with other problems, one in particular had nearly 3 cups of wet ingredients too 3/4 of a cup of dry and they wanted you to roll the dough??? that's not dough it's batter!! Something is up!!

Ok time to get jammies on!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Morning Smiles

So I haven't updated in a while, we've had dog issues, which I hope are getting better.

The twins are doing great!  THey love playing with their new dog.  I try and get them not to feed him from their trays, John does a great job at listening but Miss Maddie, well not so much, she's a silly one!  She has figured out how to slide the treat down by her leg and give it to him.  Parker is SO protective of them!  He is the best guard dog ever!  He's such a loverboy!

So last saturday they went to the farmers market for the first time this season, they had a great time!  We brought the pack and play and they played while Daddy and I worked.  Then on Sunday for mothers day we went to the new Su Casa in Fenville, there was a Mariachi Band and it  was busy busy but they had fun.  Needless to say they LOVE mexican food, but I did NOT love their diapers then  next day.  Ew.  Since they built the new building, they added a grocery store, an gelato shop (they serve good)  a night club up stairs and something else.  It's really neat, there is this HUGE mural on one whole wall, it's neat, Maddie liked pointing to it a lot.  The Gelato is so so so good.  Pallazollos is this gourmet Gelato and Sorbeto that is made in saugatuk, they have 600 flavors, no joke.  I had two scoops, one of Fresh Coconut and one of Naccilcilo (hazelnut) Josh had the Naccilcilo, mom had Dolce de Leche and Cleve had coffee and triple chocolate.  It was so good, oooh and the babies had mexican vanilla.  

Tomorrow is farmers market, really excited about that, the Babies love to go!

Josh bought a home welder today, he welds alot at work in the design studio and now he has it at home to make the garden art for the farm.  He taught me to weld, I was so rockstar!  he said I did awsome!  It was nice because the babies were in bed, and it was great bonding for the two of us.   He's such a great teacher, which is why he is a great husband and father.  I love him.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

These are from our visit to the farm on Sunday

PhotobucketMiss maddie
Photobucketmadaline using a dandalion as a pointer
johns i've done nothing wrong face Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, May 3, 2008

t's official now, Parker the Poodle is coming to live with the Fowlers. We are adopting a standard Poodle, He's 2 years old and the sweetest dog I've ever met. He has alot of energy, but doesnt jump or anything, just wants to go go go go a lot which is goo for the twins! He is so smart it's not funny. We went to meet him yesterday, I had given him a treat for going potty outside when I walked him and when I went to play with the ball he started nudging at the treat bag, so I put it in my pocket. Parker sits down and puts his paw on my pocket, Smart boy! When I was comfortable with him meeting the twins, he just gave a sniff and nudged their feet with his head and then came back over to me. He didn't jump bark our nip. He's great! I think he's been so bored at the shelter, thats why he gets so hyper, if poodles are not stimulated they get really really bored. So we signed all the contracts yesterday and we could have brought him home with us last night but we wanted to make sure the house was perfectly welcoming him, ie. i'm steaming the carpets so he can't detect that we had another dog ( we had a puppy two years ago who had severe behavioral problems and after 7 months of obidience school and no change we decided she wasn't safe with the twins) Now I scrubbed and 409ed every inch of the carpet she was on, but I want to steam the front room because we havn't tiled in there yet and I don't want Parker to smell her, it's not fair to him! So Monday is the day~plus i need to go to the pet store to get the whitening shampoo, dog food, bowls, color and leashes and some toys! So we are so exctied, he's a standard poodle so he's a good sized dog, he's white and looks like a Lamb! SOO Sweet! We are so excited, the twins say Dog over and over again and they really enjoy having the K-9 company!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New addition

We are going on friday to meet a possiable new addition to our family.  His name is Parker.  Parker is a 2 year old standard poodle who ran away from home.  He's loving and fun natured and protective.  I am going first to meet him and then we will bring the twins if I get a good feel.  We are making a day out of it since it's about 40 min away.  We will go to the 50's drive in by the lake (michigan) and then go see parker and then go to Palazzolo's for Gelato.....mmmmm so good, they have 500 flavors, no kidding.

The kids do so well with dogs, we have taught them to respect them and they do.  I am going to bring a blanket that they have napped with for a few days with us so I can take it in and have him get a smell for them so he isn't shocked.  I also picked up some treats for Parker and the other dogs at the shelter.  We are so excited! I had two poodles growing up, they were a smaller variety but they all train the same. Poodles are second only to the border collie in intel. and are protective, smart, easily trained, loving, well mannered sweet dogs.  They also have a great sense of humor.

We have been talking with the twins about Parker the puppy all week.  Just so they get used to hearing the name.  They try and say parker, it's so cute.  We are so excited!

We are fencing in our yard in the end of may so he will have about of month of just walking on a leash then he will have our huge double lot yard to run and play in.  So Excited!! He's white and about 50 pounds, he's on the smaller side for a standard, but a standard none the less!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kind of odd

So this is kind of odd and a little personal, but hey it's my Blog!

I had a Mirena inserted after the twins were born, (an IUD)  I can't have estrogen so most forms of BC are out for me, this just has progestin in it so it's good.  Now I used to assist in putting these into place. I was the person who did the screening and answered all the questions before the procedure, I know way to much about them.  But now I've having issues.  
I've had it in for 11 months now and up until recently I had light bleeding every month for maybe 2 days, like clockwork.  I haven't had anything in 68 days.  At first I thought it was fairly normal because a lot of women don't bleed at all with the Mirena, but now I feel weird. Infact I feel pregnant.  I've been sick the last few days as well, when I had the twins I had Hyperemisis gravidium, which meant i was sick all the time for like the first 16 weeks. I called my OB/GYN last month and asked what to do, she said it was the IUD, well her nurse did, but now I think it's gone on to long. I need to take a pregnancy test.  I'm scared though.  First of all my body can't handle another pregnancy for another 6-8 months, second of all when you do conceive with an IUD as rare as it is (actually it happens a lot) but when you do, the IUD is removed as soon as you find out, 8 out of 10 times the pregnancy is miscarried.  I've dealt with that enough.  I'm just freaking out a bit, I think DH and I will take a test tomorrow.  Which means I'll pee on a stick and he can sit on the edge of the bath tub and wait.  I mean we want another baby, we do, but I can't do it rite now, my body just isn't ready.  With the clotting stuff, my liver is finally back to normal, and I still have the stuff with the bladder Nic they did during my c-section.  It's just not safe, I'd be on bed rest for most of the pregnancy, ha try doing that with twins!

Ok tomorrow it is.

In other news.  The twins woke up super wet this morning, so they went strait to the bathtub!  They had fun!  They have decided they like Pineapple and Banna whip that is frozen, mmm it is good!

I wrote a new recipe today for double dark chocolate brownies, to good.  This was in lieu of the new episode of Greys Anatomy!  WOoHoO  I can't believe Addison is coming back next week!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What a day! We have had my mom's terrier here has a house guest.  He's a little guy, about 25 pounds and Maddie tried to ride him!  He's so mellow that he just kind of turned and looked at her, it was cute.  At one point he hopped up on the couch because he didn't want to play anymore, Maddie kept walking past him pointing at him and giving him these very puzzled look and then laughing.  John kept giving hugs to him and saying "dog, dog, dog dog dog dog, dooooggggyyyy....." Just to cute!
Josh and I are really talking about trying to conceive again.  We really want to but we need to wait a bit longer, but it's weird because my Dr. makes me feel so pressed for time.
My little at home business is flying!  I have orders coming in from all over, personal orders which make me so happy because thats why I want to do it, but wholesale orders as well! EEPP!!
The twins go to sleep all on their own now, I just lay them in their cribs tell them I love them and then close the door and they just go down so peacefully. 
I think I might be coming down with a flu bug or something, I have an awful stomach ache and I am hungry but can't eat.  Ick.
Josh is coming home early tonight because they had some meeting this morning so they got out earlier!  YAY~Love him!

My internet is still so messed up. ~ick~


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Long story short, we were with out internet for a few days and it messed up a bunch of stuff! 
So now I will atempt to catch up. 
Starting off with Friday, Daddy decided to dress John and Maddie.  He got Maddie dressed in her little blue dress and she was just adorable! Photobucket He put john in this periwinkle little outfit and about an hour later I realized it had puff sleeves and was his sisters! Photobucket
Friday we went out and did some shopping at the Little Store on the Prarie, it's a local health food store out in the middle of no where, it's great and they love the twins.  We found an amazing cherry peach salsa!

Saturday was fairly normal, we worked out in the yard and the kids went on a HUGE walk.  We went to the super market in town and got all of the things to make home made pizza.  My family (the Cekolas) started the first pizza restaurant in my hometown of Kalamazoo back in the twenties, so I assume it's in my blood to make good pizza. Good it was, lol it was amzing! Photobucket  We made a crushed tomato sauce, my pizza had Fresh Basil, Fresh Motzarella, fresh grated parmasean, and goat cheese.  Baked at 500 for 14 min and it was AMAZING! These are truly artisan pizzas! It's a dream of ours to open a pizza shop with a bakery that makes artisan bread and pastires.  And now I want pizza again!

Sunday was relaxing, the babies helped me bake 2 key lime pies which are amazing!  the LOVE whip cream :-)

I'm going to go  make snacks!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our First Post

Wow, so everyone seems to have a blog like this now, so I thought, what the heck lets try it!

So for those who don't know me, My name is Josie, I am married to a wonderful man, Josh, and we have to amazing twins, John Robert and Madaline Elizabeth.  Our twins were born 2-16-07 at 32 weeks.  They spent 19 (maddie) and 21 (John) in the NICU and Bronson Hospital.  They are both happy and healthy!  We live in a small town in south west Michigan.  

I am going to attempt to post some pictures!

I'll write more later,


I love these little Munchkins!