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Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's here....

The cold of winter, and by 'Cold of winter' I do not mean the frost on the windows and seasonal chill that makes me long for fuzzy socks, no I am referring to the god awful infection that has settled in my lower resp. system. Oh god It's awful. It's not so much the runny nose or congestion, it's the massive feeling of pain with every breath. owe. Should have been actress ( I need an oscar for that bit of literary drama)

So Maddie is for sure coming down with a bit of a cold, but I think it's something other then what I have thank god~knocking on wood.

In all of my sickness we went to Target this morning for some much needed shopping. I picked the kids up each a long sleeved tee and also a sweatshirt and 2 pairs of jeans. I forgot what cute and reasonable priced toddler clothes target has!! While shopping I noticed a trend in toddler girl clothes that I don't like. I keep finding adult fashions for little girls, for instance, a wide WIDE low square neckline with giant rhinestones attached all around or maybe the satin v-neck cami and black cardigan set!!!??? It gets me a little because I want my Maddie to be wearing "little girl" clothes as long as possible!! Ok stepping of the soapbox.

We bought a new set of flatware seeing as ours have been vanishing as of late, Nothing fancy, but nice none the less.

OOHH and Maddie shoplifted!! LOL we were looking in the halloween sale aisle and she must of grabbed them, but we wound up with a set of fake eyelashes (the sparkle ones wink wink) that she had obviously tucked under her coat which was next to her in the cart. When we were loading up the car I noticed them and freaked out and ran and gave them to one of the cart boys who actually said, "if you got out of the store with them, you can keep them...." I just looked at him in awe and informed him that I had no use for sparkle fake lashes.

So thats our day!

I'm going to try and shop for christmas online~

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