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Monday, November 17, 2008

Going through toys!

So this morning started off fairly well, we went to bed with no snow on the ground and woke up with 5 inches, the twins are baffled by this white stuff!

I decided to go through all their toys in the living room today sine they have SO many. We made a a game out of it and have moved about 70% of it out of the room, packed up and will go in their closet untill this spring for a sale. Some of the neater things that I know they won't play with at all we are donating. I explained the whole time we were going through things that we were going to give these to other little ones who would like some new toys. We sang carols and generally had a good time.

Last night my mom and I went out to target and Bought the kids some new winter coats and snow pants. Maddie is pink and purple with flowers and she has lavender snow pants. John got a navy, green, red and yellow plaid (tartan plaid really) jacket and Navy pants. I think he's fairly "dapper" in the outfit! We did some other shopping, I love targets groceries, amazing bargains!! We finished off our target trip to the Starbucks in the front of the store, they have this AMAZING salted caramel hot cocoa, I am thrilled with it, it's so so so so so so so so good. Then we made a nice trip over to Hunan Gardens and got chinese to take home. Lovely evening. By that time I had been up since 5 and it was nearing 10 so I was pretty tired (early work morning)

We are just getting into the holidays around here, I think I am driving everyone nuts because I am trilled with the holidays and just can't wait!

Have to run, maddie is pushing buttons!

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