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Monday, June 23, 2008


Good lord we had a long sunday. Poor John had a breakdown at the grocery today. We walked in and he just started sobbing. we had no clue what was wrong just sobbing, we tried everything and nothing worked, he was inconsolable. So I carried him and pushed the cart, while josh tried to shop the list. we ended up just leaving. AND we spent way to much at the store because he was power shopping due to the apparent emergency with JOhn so we didn't shop smart. It's just we were in town at the store with the good prices and couldn't afford to do our shopping close to home, a trip to the "Good" Store may cost $85 and at home it's about $140. No joke.

We are switching to Voice over Internet this week, so we have a new number, woo hoO!! Not a big deal I guess.

So we had our 15 month well child check's this past friday, at 16 months, we got behind when they had Chicken Pox so....

Maddie is 31.5 inches
John is 32.5 inches

Maddie - 20 lbs
John is 25 lbs

We got the DTaP and the HEP A, is anyone else doing HEP A?? Our pedi said it's newly recomended by the Pediatricians Association board academy thing, and with all the imported foods coming in that it's a good idea, so we did it, I read about the research and it makes sense to me. Our HIB was delayed, has anyone else had their HIB delayed due to shortage??

They did their "Skill test" and they did AWESOME! We have been working on colors and numbers for the last few months. So our pedi was suprised when I asked Maddie to Bring me the Blue Cup and she did, John brought a red ball!! So far they know Red, Blue Green, yellow, Black and White and Maddie knows pink I think, or she just really likes it! They can also separate colors.

Also, while we get them dressed we always count, and they both can count to five, which I am so happy about.

We are also working on letters. I made Giant 8 by 10 flash cards with a big letter on one side and then I went around taking pictures of things that start with that letter, A, Apple, Arm, Arch, Altoid (a picture of the box and a mint next to it) ant and Aunt are on one page and I found a picture of an ant on the net and a Picture of their favorite aunt . So I put each set of letter cards on a little metal flip card holder ring thing, like from a binder, and every morning when I go get them up I introduce a new letter and then that day we do something with that letter, we are on I rite now, so they had ice cream today after their shots. It's just fun for now! I try to have at least 5 word cards for each letter.

SO all and all they are great, super impressed with their progressed, which makes me so happy because they were getting labeled as "preemies" for so long and now we are Finally past that.

OH OH OH and they aren't orange any more

Friday, June 13, 2008

OK so I am captain frustration....and Hence is my story!

Usually my Dear Darling Husband (Onward we shall call him DDH) works from 4 pm to 2:30 am, but has been switched to working 12-10:30 Which I enjoy because I get to see him a night more and he has regular sleeping hours. Well He only works 4 days a week (10 hour days) Well today, friday he has to work 6-11, no big deal he makes like 30 dollars an hour doing over time so i'm way cool with it!

So we were chatting about what to do this weekend, last evening and he informs me that he doesn't know when he will be home today, and I question why and he say's"I don't know what time I'll be home tomorow" and I ask well why and he says, "well I'm going out to Tinsleys (boss/friend) after work to hang out", yes I said to hang out!!

Ok I should clarify why this bothers me a bit, first of all, in our family we ask things we don't inform, just to be polite, he did infact inform me, ok ok thats fine whatever, BUT and as I always say there is always a BuT!! During the week, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, it's like he's not even here with the kids, and I don't really like it, but he works weird hours and just kind of does is thing, we work with it and I stay quiet because we get thee day weekends and have lots of fun, but come friday, I am tired and can really use some help around the house, so when he jsut up and informs me that he's doing his own thing, it just tweaks me the way way way wrong way, so I tried to him about it and he informs me, for the second time in the nigh, that fridays are his day and he does what he wants to do, to relax after a busy week!! This is so not like my DDH!!

I think what bugs me so much is not that he is going there, that doesn't bug me it's how it all came about. And even more that he doesn't realize that Maybe I want a day to do as I please and just go off, I don't get that, and I'm not say that he should not because I do not, I'm saying he should at least realize that maybe I want a break, maybe I want to go to a friends house. I don't know this is my alter ego captain frustration talking here. On the weekend we do everything as a family, and I cherish those times. They are what I have always wanted and I am so thankful for them.

So I am just sad and frustrated because I feel under appreciated

SO here is the poop adventure that happened to our sweet Captain Frustration

So this morning after little sleep, much tossing and turning, I wake up and here the babies babbling away, so I get up and go get them only to walk into lullaby land and find maddie pointing at john, I turn and peer into his to find......Poop! Yes ladies and Gent..Ladies......Poop everywhere, John had taken off his pants, off his onsie and off with the diaper and decided to finger paint with poop. all over the bed, the bumpers the wall. the sheets, himself, he through some on the lamp some on the window (he threw it across the room) Their room is a bug poopy mess!! Me being the germaphobe I am am freeking out because of e-coli or something and I need to go and disinfect and clean, but I have no one to watch the babies while I do it, and they can't be in the room because they are terrified of the steam machine, and I am going to use clorox to clean up the walls and what not, and I don't want them around the smell until the room airs out and gets the fumes out. Any other morning and I would have been like oh crap, and now I feel like a mess, just a crying sloppy mess, (I"m still wearing the tshirt I wore to bed and I think I just noticed poop on the sleeve)

I popped the twins in the tub and we got dressed and ready for the day. Just long long day so far.

SUch is LiFe sUcH iS lIfE SuCh Is LiFe

Captain Frustration, over and out......