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Thursday, July 24, 2008


My mom took me to chicago yesterday for a few fun reasons. we had to take an order to the Chicago Botanical Garden, I got to the fresh floral arrangements for the shop this week, I was so thrilled!

After that we headed to Trader Joe's in wicker park. I am totally obsessed with Trader Joe's. The prices are rite, I love the selection, because they have everything, just not a huge selection, which is awesome because It takes to long other wise. Prices are just awesome though.

Everything (mostly everything) is Their own brand. For instance, our local store brand of Maple Brown sugar oatmeal is $3.99 at trader Joe's it was $2.29 for the same amount of packets. And I acutally liked their brand better, it tastes way better to me and it doesn't get jelly-ish. Nice and fluffy.

So I stocked up on some stuff and tried a few new things. They have Dolmas in a jar, which are stuffed grape leaves, stuffed with jasmine rice I do believe. They had a great Idea of chopping them up and then putting crumbled feta into it. Now I took it farther, made the dolma feta mix, then I took a pita put some humus on it and then put the mixture in side and made a fantastic pita pocket. I thought what the heck lets see if the babies like it, they were just thrilled with it!

They also had some thai peanut satte, which I cooked up with chicken and again the kids loved it.

I really want them to have a wide varitiy of tastes to explore.

So for new foods that we have tried in the last week we like

Stuffed grape leaves
Brie ( I checked with the Dr. First and it was fine)
Fig bars from TJ's
Chicken Satte
Thai Curry chicken
Babba Ganuj

We also went to Sam's wine and sprits and I picked up a couple bottles of ICe wine for Josh and I, we love it, it's really sweet and quite a treat. I also grabbed a bottle of pre made white russian mix. I like to make home made mudslides out of it, add some chocolate sauce and some ice cream and put it in the blender and away you go! It's actually really fun for parties! And the mix is fairly week and since I'm not a huge alcohol fan, but love mudslides, It's pretty good!

I am so excited for them, I am going to keep writing Trader Joe's on a daily basis to get them to put one near us, I am on a campaign~

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