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Thursday, July 17, 2008

good swims and cute clothes

I found the most adorable dress on e-bay for maddie, it's from a small boutique in Nice, I adore it, she's so cute in it!

I got John a Hawaii style short and shirt set that is from Hawaii, I love e-bay. I buy a lot from the same women who has twins that are a little bit older then JAM, All of her things are clean and sent wrapped in tissue with ribbon and come from a smoke free home.

So the twins went out on my dad's boat last weekend, we had fun!! Maddie got in the water and went swimming with grandpa and she had a blast although I only caught the last part of her swim on video.

My mom brought the babies recorder flutes to play with over the weekend as well, that was pretty fun, they seem to enjoy them but I only let them have them when they are in their high chairs because I am afraid of them falling with them in their mouthes.

They were too cute playing the little flutes!!

You can see the green color we are painting our front room and you can kind of see our un finished front wood floor. I am so ready for it to be done but the twins have to be out of the house for 48 hours so we can urathane it. UGGH


The Burger Blog said...

Gotta love ebay!

I forget how I linked a video, but I think you are on the right track...maybe use the link for html code....I am forgetting, I remember I had a prob too though.

The Hayes Family said...

too cute!! Those flutes look like so much fun, as does the swimming!

Kristen said...

How cute!! I would never have thought to give them a recorder yet. We have bunches of them around from Lexi and Skye's music classes, I'll have to see if I can dig them up!

Jill said...

What fun times for them! Are they real recorders? We have plastic ones that are green and blue, but yours look real. :)